Do you have questions about the relationship between NFT-Starter and ShadowGate? We give you guys clear information.

What is the relationship between ShadowGate and NFT-Starter?

ShadowGate proudly states that ShadowGate is one of new products in NFT-Starter ecosystem with outstanding features: Marketplace, Wallet, Device Authentication. We create a specific Marketing…

New product — NFT Marketplace App in NFT-Starter ecosystem. Marketplace will use $NST as a general trading token.

Welcome to Marketplace of NFT-Starter ecosystem — World of modern Art and Mythology. We create a multi-platform offering a range of services such as NFT Marketplace, Wallet and Device Authentication.

#NFTMarketplace —A…

We are so thrilled to announce that NST Marketplace app coming soon.

🥇NST new token is used to make transactions on NFT Marketplace.
(New contract: 0xf4476e7e0fcbc84ce730fec6749d37383f3ac39e)

🙌User flow:

🏆Outstanding features:

💎Marketplace: is an all-around market app where use the up-to-date app functions to completed deals. It also provides a solidified financial solution that users…

We are so thrilled to announce that NFT-Starter officially go in the partnership with MultiGame.

Multigame is a GameFi & multitasking NFT platform that was built on Binance Smart Chain. The platform will both ensure an accelerator role for other Gaming & NFT startups and develop separated GameFi projects.


NFT-Starter is so thrilled to announce that we are launching a Farming (Liquidity Pool) program for community to incentive participation in the daily token pools. On the farm, you can deposit LP tokens from NST-BNB (PancakeSwap), locking them up in a process that rewards you with NST.

Farming program will…

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